Light Years of Adventure

No one really knew where the old ones came from because of all the lies that were told about them until now. King David tells all in this his third journal. All the questions you may have been asking yourself for the last three years will hopefully be answered in this, the last journal of King David who was once known as Number Seven.

I was told by my mother Nitzeyet, Queen of Mars, that the Old Ones were created by man, but they were not. I was told that they were created to help fight in the Surface Wars on Mars and that they were created to make life easier living underground inside Mars after the wars, but again this is not true! They were created to kill off Nitzeyet and my father from earth, Jesse. The other mission of the Old Ones was to kill off Nitzeyet’s entire Martian race, but the biggest reason of all was they were created because of one woman’s hatred toward me, the human race, and any race that had anything to do with me.

Then came a time in the history of all three races: the Martians, the humans, and the humar, when everyone was feeling the evil grip of the ever-evolving Old Ones, Elva, and her son, Saul. Elva had decided to grow an even bigger army and crush anyone or anything that got in her or Saul’s way.

Followers of Elva and Saul became the masters of everything, gods if you will, but gods with no souls.

Long before the bloody Surface Wars were over the lies and tales of alternate histories kept flowing in, and Elva’s Old Ones, Saul, and Elva were plotting to become the masters of all they conquered including Mars and other planets of interest.

Elva thought she had perfected living forever, for herself, her son, and yes, even me, her long-dead husband from many lifetimes ago. Now Elva had even bigger plans for me. She knew that as long as she and Saul could keep punishing me that she’d be happy.

She was going to follow me to any world, anywhere to make sure she was happy and to do everything in her power to see I was not.

Trying to keep me from finding Mother Land on earth was another of her great goals. She knew, in her mind anyway, there was no earth; that earth was dead and gone. She’d left it hundreds, and hundreds of lifetimes ago. Wherever mine and my family’s fate would take us she would be there to continue punishing me and anyone I happened to love.

Now that everything Elva and Saul had tried on Mars was failing it was time to create a new history.

Could Saul be reached? Could he somehow become peaceful toward me and have a peaceful relationship with me, his father? I knew that wasn’t about to happen with his mother!

Saul had made no effort at all to send a peacekeeper to me, no not one, even after I had spared his life numerous times and I’d even spared some of his loyal Old Ones and his Commander. I’d gotten nothing in response.

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