New Beginnings


5.5″ x 8.5″
Black & White on Cream paper
172 pages



No one really knew just where the Old Ones came from until now. King David was told by his mother, the Queen of Mars that they were created by humans and that humans had visited Mars a long time ago. He was told that they were created to fight the surface wars on Mars then, later on, to help make life underground a little easier on Mars after the wars.

Then came a time in the histories of three known races: the Humans, the Martians, and the Humar. When the ever-evolving Old Ones decided to kill their creators and become the masters of everything—gods if you will.

Long after the bloody surface wars of Mars that still remain somewhat of a mystery, Saul and his Old Ones fought King David to continue to be the masters of Mars and to make plans to leave for other worlds and other conquests.

Could Saul and the other three groups ever meet and have some kind of peaceful relationship? Saul had made no effort to send peacekeepers, even after King David had spared Saul and his Old One’s lives numerous times. In all the years past there had been no one that had ever looked for any kind of peace.

At this point, King David’s family is scattered over the face of Mars. Saul has seen to it that he has taken everything he possibly can from King David. Now King David, his crew, and his family are on their way back to Mars…to make a new beginning.


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