Where Are The Humans?

Sometimes when the timing is just right, and all five of your senses are telling you that everything is calm on the surface…you put your ear to the ground and listen, with not only your ear but your mind. This causes your imagination to kick in, too. You may notice a very slight disturbance, and begin to hear sounds not usually detected by the human ear. These sounds touch the human heart. This is a secret sound of a world so far away and so deep in your imagination that only you can detect it! It’s trying very hard to get your attention; it’s like a whisper in the wind, a whispering question, a question you may be asking yourself from time to time. If you’re reading this Journal it cries out to you in that low haunting whisper…

Where are the humans?

I knew very little starting out when I got into this, about how to answer this question and other pressing questions that were on my mind, just as it may be on your mind too. Just where are the humans? Where did they go? Out into space? Were the humans sucked up by a black hole, or did they go through a wormhole? Were the humans killed by the Old Ones? Are the humans hiding out on some distant planets?

I went into the project completely blind at first to what was really going on, knowing very little until it was almost too late. It would take me to the far reaches of my mind; it would force me to dive into the deepest oceans, and make me want to fly into the deepest depths of outer space. It would cause me to look deep into my own soul and being. Most of all, it would cost me the rest of my life, and that of my families’ lives too.

Looking forward to a New Beginning
I’m looking forward to a new beginning for what may be the last of the human race, perhaps your race too! With our past lying in ruin and our future at stake, I, Number Seven, took a bold step and worked with whom I thought were my friends—the Old Ones.

We were looking forward to unraveling a mystery of paramount importance. Time is of little importance as you will soon read. Therefore trying to give you a starting point or place really wouldn’t make a difference and would only confuse you. After all, time is of little importance to God, and if you believe in God as I do, then time means nothing; it’s just a starting point to make us feel comfortable, but time seems to mean so much to humans, but why? There is only the now.

Where are my coworkers, and just where are all the other humans? As far as I was concerned, they were put to death by the Old Ones. Maybe the Old Ones even put my family to death because, as I said, they are nowhere to be found. But I’m going to get to the bottom of it!

At ten thousand credits a day the Old Ones weren’t going to just let me walk away from the project we had started. I know that. I know now for a fact that they are out to become the omnipotent gods of the universes and rule over them all. But not if I have anything to do with it!

So this is my story, about my lives, or the journal of my lives if you will. It’s my quest to stop the Old Ones and to find my kind if there are any of them left. My journal is in your hands, and if you’re human this is a linking book. It will allow you to fold both space and time without moving. All you need is the time to read it and a lot of imagination.

The linking chip is coded with human DNA. DNA is found in all living organisms except some viruses. DNA reproduces itself and is the means by which hereditary characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next. So you see, only human flesh and bone can link; not cloned, or manufactured flesh. The code also picks up dissimilar materials and fuses them together, creating a meltdown of both, but there will be more on that later.

My work is continuing at this time in my hidden lab in my room. All of my notes are hidden away on fusion using sound vibrations. I was so very lucky to obtain some of my father’s notes and other forbidden books before he was killed: Notes I’ve hidden away in hopes that the Old Ones will never find them. The fact that you’re reading this and linking to my Journal proves that they didn’t find any of those books or notes! All I can say about that is YES!

I have notes from Tesla’s lab taken by the U.S. government when Tesla died…or did he? Some say that he was not from Earth, but from another planet far ahead of his time. Some say he just disappeared and that the stories of his death are made up and that he returned here. Nikola Tesla is said to have died on January 7th, 1943 of heart failure, at the age of 86, alone in a place called the New Yorker Hotel, but was he really killed? Tesla was a very thin man, always working, and even as far back as the 1890’s he would drive himself to exhaustion. Some say he died of a broken heart, depressed, penniless, a broken man. The theory goes that no one noticed his brilliant ideas except a man named Edison, and he and his greed were responsible for putting down Tesla. We’ll never really know.

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